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Today saw the launch of our latest project for Ipswich client Lesley Ann White – a provider of Energy Performance Certificates and Inventory Control services. We don’t normally post an article about each and every project, but this one has a couple of features which we thought would be of interest to people considering using Flosee for their web design needs.

To begin with, our first encounter with Lesley was on November 1st 2011. We met at a local networking event (Office Drinks) and after a couple of minutes of showing the work we have done for other clients and explaining the way in which we work with clients, the seed had been sown. Lesley contacted us the next morning and arranged a meeting to discuss her new website.

Our initial meeting was to discuss how the website would work, what information it would contain and who the target audience would be. As we are also a search engine optimisation company, and our current offer gives free web development to customers using our SEO services, we also discussed the way in which we approach SEO and started developing a plan for this new site which incorporated the design and content from the very outset.

Suffolk Web Design – The Process

One of the things that worried Lesley most at the start of the process was the way in which the whole web design would progress and what was needed at what stage. One of the best bits of feedback we have had from her was that it would massively help if this process was outlined in writing, and in true Flosee style we have listened to this and all future clients will have a full project roadmap right at the start of the design – every single project is different, but we hope you find the following example a useful demonstration of the way in which we work with clients:

Suffolk Web Design
The brief – the start of the web design process always has to start with a full discussion between the designers and the customer to make sure that we are reflecting the correct image for your business, and that the website being created is the best fit for the business it will serve. For Suffolk web design clients this would always be a face to face meeting, for clients from further afield this may be a conference call.
Web Design Process
Colour schemes and graphics – The next stage is to agree a colour scheme that will work with existing branding, and that will complement offline activity. In addition we need to gather logos, promotional imagery and any other photography or graphics the client wishes to have on the website. We will also make a list of any extra graphics we need to acquire or create to complete the site
website structure
Site structure – We will go over the full range of options and possibilities in terms of the website structure, and how this will be reflected in your web design. Deciding what needs to be on your website and how this will be presented to the customer is a combination of our expertise and your knowledge of your own industry, so we will work with you to get the best solution for your business.
Website Prototype
Initial design – After the initial briefing, normally within a week we will come back to you with our first design. Depending on what has previously been discussed this may be one design with options available, or a range of designs. The idea at this stage is that this is a work in progress, and we actively seek your feedback to make sure that what we are working towards is YOUR idea of a great website. There will be no content on your website at this stage, it is purely a case of getting the aesthetics right in the web design.
Web Design Feedback
Your feedback – We will then go through all of the comments, likes and dislikes you have given us and modify your design accordingly. We will then come back to you within a couple of days to get the ext batch of feedback and opinion. This part of the process is repeated as many times as necessary to get a great web design complete – all of our web design is fixed price so these revisions NEVER incur extra cost for you.
Website Content
The content – Once we have your web design nailed down, we then add your content to the website to flesh it out and bring the whole project together. Some clients like to provide all of the content, some like us to create it all but most supply some content and ask us to rewrite it for their website. We will always provide advice, hints and tips to ensure that the words on every page of your website are full search engine ready and designed from the outset to land you top rankings in Google.
Content review
Content review – now that your website is coming together (normally 2-3 weeks after outset of project) we will ask you to cast your eye over it again and once again invite your feedback. As always we will be happy to advise and answer any questions you may have and to make any revisions you require.
website handover
The handover – Now that your website is complete, if you are a Suffolk web design client we will arrange a face to face meeting, or where this is not possible book a slot for a conference call and go through the final tweaks required on your website, page by page. Once you are completely happy with every aspect of your website, we will then go through the controls available to you and make sure that you are comfortable managing your website, adding content and keeping your website fresh (only on dynamic websites – static websites don’t require this stage).
Website launch

The launch – At this stage (normally 18-25 days into the project) we launch your website onto the world wide web. We start our programme of SEO and ensure that all of the major search engines are aware your website exists and are ready to add your content to their search results.

website support
Ongoing support – If you are a Flosee client, you know all about our after care. Regardless of how long ago we built your website, if you have a question just call or email. Our success is measured by how well your website performs, so we will ALWAYS be happy to help you, give quick refreshers where memory has faded or give pointers to getting the very best out of your website.

Web Design with YOU in control

Our job is to help, support and guide you and provide the technical whizz-bangery to get your business online. However, we don’t lose sight of the fact that this is YOUR website, and at every single step of the web design process, we make sure that you stay in full control of your website, and that we keep you fully informed of our progress and offer you the very best advice. Would you like us to look at your web design needs? Simply leave a comment below or get in touch and we will call you back to discuss the various web design options available to you.

Tony is the Managing Director of Flosee, and also our lead developer. He has been building, modifying and beautifying websites since 2001 and is almost always glued to a keyboard in one way or another.

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