SEO Training in Ipswich

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SEO training in Ipswich

SEO Training in Ipswich

We are very proud to unveil our latest service to our local clients, offering SEO Training in Ipswich to small groups of website owners. These one day training courses will cover the basics of undertaking and managing your own search engine optimisation campaign, from detecting which words to target through optimising the content and structure of your site and monitoring your performance and successes. At the end of the one day course you will have a full arsenal of tools with which you can help your business to grow through the internet. The SEO Training in Ipswich will kick off with a one day course on 6th July 2011 at the Novotel and places will be limited, so early booking is advised sorry, this course has now sold out.

SEO Training in Ipswich – whats included

Through the one day seo training in Ipswich session you will learn and be shown how to:

  • Research your competitors – find out how they are outranking you, what techniques they are employing and how you can learn from their experiences. SEO Training in Ipswich will show you how to effectively track and uncover what other sites are doing to achieve high rankings in Google and what you can do to use their strengths to your advantage.
  • Identify the searches your customers are using – find out what your customers are using when they search for your products and services online, how many people are using these search strings and what the chances are of you being able to secure good search engine positions on these phrases. SEO Training in Ipswich will highlight the best and easiest techniques for uncovering the “easy” targets in your marketplace.
  • Expand your list of target search phrases – identify new opportunities to target new markets, audiences and clients who are looking for your products or services but who you haven’t previously been able to reach. SEO training in Ipswich will show you how to think laterally and open up whole new customer bases which will allow your website to keep growing well into the future.
  • Draw up a battle plan – With your list of target keywords and knowledge of your competition, you will now learn how to set up a manageable and realistic set of targets which you can achieve. SEO training in Ipswich will help you to estimate how quickly your work will take effect and what the increases in your website activity are likely to be, in order to ensure effective business planning.
  • Monitor your results – we will show you the easiest and most effective ways to monitor your performance, and how to easily dissect this information to feed back into your next set of keyword targeting. The SEO training in Ipswich course will show and demonstrate how to read your website statistics and how to apply the results for forward planning.
  • Structure your website – setup your website for maximum search engine effect. We will show you how a few simple changes to your existing website (or tools to implement from the start of a new website) can drastically increase your chances of reaching your customers. SEO training in Ipswich will show you how you can put these changes into place without interfering with the design of your website – or if you have a developer how you can ask the RIGHT questions so that the developer can set your site up for you.
  • Develop excellent content – we will show you how to target your content to the search phrases that your customers are using and how to write content which people will act upon. We want your site to rank well in Google, but we also want your customers to act on what they are reading and spend money with you, and this section will show you how to maximise the traffic you will be getting. SEO training in Ipswich is all about increasing your business.
  • The session will finish with a detailed question and answer session, covering anything you wish to know more about in relation to SEO

SEO Training in Ipswich – whats in it for you?

SEO training in IpswichAll attendees of the SEO training in Ipswich course can expect to walk away with a much better knowledge of how the search engines view your website, what you can do to make your website more appealing to the search engine robots and how to identify the search phrases which will bring the maximum amount of visitors to your site – the idea here is to give you the tools to improve your business online and how some simple tools can really help you to get the best from your website.

It might seem counter productive for us, as an SEO company, to provide the training which will allow you to do this service for yourself, but we appreciate that a number of businesses simply dont have the budget to commit to an SEO contract. The one day SEO training in Ipswich course will allow you to take control of your own search engine optimisation. The internet has opened up a huge number of possibilities for small business to succeed, and this course will help any business owner to compete with the big boys.

The SEO training in Ipswich course is from 9.30am to 4.30pm and includes breakfast, drinks throughout the day and a lunch (the menu will be sent to all attendees for meal selection beforehand, special dietary requirements can be catered for). You will also be given a full printed copy of the material covered on the day, and access to a range of free online tools which will allow you to act on the new knowledge you will gain. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and to use the “share” button below to let your business contacts know about this opportunity.

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This course is now fully booked, please keep an eye out for alternative courses offering SEO training in Ipswich.

Tony is the Managing Director of Flosee, and also our lead developer. He has been building, modifying and beautifying websites since 2001 and is almost always glued to a keyboard in one way or another.

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