SEO for Hairdressers

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SEO for Hairdressers

SEO for HairdressersTraditionally, beauty salons and hairdressers would rely on passing traffic and local word of mouth for their business. Recently, the business has become ever more competitive; an easy level of entry to this marketplace has meant there are new treatment centres and hair salons opening every single week, maintaining a constant squeeze on established businesses. It is now becoming normal practice for beauty salons, treatment rooms and hairdressers to have their own website, and the investment and time required to set up your website indicates that you have identified the value of being online. However, most salons leave it at this, and do very little to promote their site online, with very few investing in SEO for hairdressers.

Bearing in mind that nearly 70% of all purchasing decisions start with a search online, it is absolutely vital for the long term success of your business that you do all that you can to achieve a high position in the search results, and that the search terms you do appear for are of value to you. Continuing our series on SEO for industry, today’s article will focus purely on SEO for hairdressers and should give you a very good introduction to what you can do to attain a higher ranking on the search terms that will make a difference to your business.

SEO for Hairdressers – Claim your property!

Before you go ANY further, the most important things you can do to enhance your online presence are to claim your pages on the local search pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing and (if one exists) FaceBook. It is vital that you use the EXACT same information on all of these sites, and that each of them contain a link to your own website. What this does is firstly it protects you from rivals claiming your business pages, but secondly (and more importantly), it allows you to establish credibility. Finally it also allows you to start getting some incoming links to your site. These links will form the backbone of your SEO for hairdressers strategy, each link acting as a signpost to your business for the search engines to follow. Needless to say, if you would like help claiming your Google places listing (or on any of the other search engines or FaceBook), or would like more advice regarding SEO for hairdressers, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

SEO for hairdressersTo understand the importance of claiming these web properties for your business, it is important to appreciate the way in which your customers are using the internet. Smartphones are now incredibly prevalent, and the results of local place listings feed directly in to the results that people find whilst they are on the move. Using the Google Maps app on an iPhone, if I were to plot a route to ‘Hairdressers, Ipswich’, Google Maps immediately sends me about 0.6 miles north to Old Foundry Road. If you know Ipswich, you will know that the town centre has a large number of hairdressers – in fact there is one 4 doors away from our office, and you might assume that Google Maps would send me to one of these. Alternatively, you may presume that a large chain like Toni & Guy (who are in the town centre and closer than the option delivered to us) – who also have the marketing budget for a dedicated and ongoing SEO for hairdressers campaign. However, instead of any of these possibilities, I am sent to John Oliver’s on Great Colman Street. Does this mean that they have invested thousands into their SEO for Hairdressers?
SEO for hair salons
This might seem like very strange behaviour on the part of Google Maps, but if we look at WHY this particular hairdressers has achieved this result, then we can begin to understand ways in which your own business can benefit and generate extra custom. Firstly, John Oliver’s has claimed their Google places page – they have taken control of their own listing – as well as on a huge number of local directory sites. This, by itself, has ensured that they are able to attract local walk in visitors. However, if they were also to actively encourage their visitors to use online review sites to leave feedback on their experiences, then this also feeds into the Maps algorithm and allows small businesses to compete on a level playing field with their bigger competitors. Because each individual location is treated as a separate entity when it comes to reviews rankings, a salon which is consistently getting good feedback on its service will be rewarded with a higher ranking on Google Maps – and, as an indirect by product, it will also get higher rankings on natural search results as well.

A winning start to your SEO for Hairdressers

So, you should now have a very simple hitlist of things you can do to increase your website and business visibility online:

Doing all of the above should take you less than a few hours, but will deliver clients to you for many months to come. If you would like to take your SEO for hairdressers to the next level, or would like assistance completing the above points, please drop us a line.

Tony is the Managing Director of Flosee, and also our lead developer. He has been building, modifying and beautifying websites since 2001 and is almost always glued to a keyboard in one way or another.

37 Responses to “SEO for Hairdressers”

  1. Delilah McIntosh says:

    Been searching the net for some free SEO tips for a while now, very pleased to find what I wanted so quickly!!

  2. Stephan Jest says:

    Thanks for all the info, this has helped me alot and hopefully will help me boost my rankings!

  3. SEO Ipswich says:

    It’s a shame how many local businesses do not use SEO or Social Media!

  4. Ellie Wince says:

    Thank you for the help!! Gonna get started with review sites straight away!

    • Pierre King says:

      In my opinion, Qype is the most important for reviews! It’s a well established website that customers trust.

  5. Heidi Mulley says:

    Does SEO work for mobile hairdressers too? Would love to get more exposure this way

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Heidi, you can use various SEO techniques for mobile hairdressers! Give us a call on 01473 808845 and we’ll happily talk you through it!

  6. Gary Cutts says:

    Dont forget the other review sites out there – helphound, thompson, yell, zoosk and loads more are out there and happy to give your site a link back in exchange for you adding content to their directories and reviews.

  7. Jems says:

    This excellent blog is a fantastic read through, thanks for the details.

  8. faye bentner says:

    we have a small group of hair salons in Kent and i am a bit confused about how we can set our site up for local search for all of the different addresses. Can you help us to sort this out and then help us to start showing up in search results on the normal google pages?

    • Tony from Flosee says:

      Hi Faye – yes we can definitely help with this, we will need to be a bit more involved and tweak your website to include geotags for each of your locations, then you will need multiple submissions to the mapping resources and to the review sites. I will drop you a private email with more info. Thanks for dropping by :)

  9. Austin Powers says:

    Ive done everything you suggest and our sop still isnt showing on the phone map anywhere. What else can I do?

    • Tony from Flosee says:

      Hi – you wont show up straight away in mobile sites, even if you do the perfect SEO campaign. Keep on doing the right things, and you WILL start to show up. Encourage those reviews, keep working your content and try to boost your overall SEO. We can help if you like ;)

  10. Rachel Snyder says:

    You made some clear points there. I spent a while researching your points one by one and you seem to have hit the nail on teh head. Kudos!

  11. Jo Meadows says:

    THANK YOU! I have retweeted this to everybody i know, a real goldmine of good free tips for hairdressers.

  12. Pip Cook says:

    how would all of this work with twitter and facebook stuff as well? would they help the search results or is it irrelevant?

    • Tony from Flosee says:

      Hi Pip – you can, of course use both FaceBook and Twitter for SEO purposes, but these channels should definitely be primarily used for engaging with your customers. The SEO benefit should be a side effect of your main purpose. Twitter SEO effectiveness is quite short term, and FaceBook only has benefit when you use FaceBook pages – posting links on your own profile generally has no effect (at the moment….this may well change in the future though).

  13. Aaron Rzadczynski says:

    Im normally really cynical about this kind of advice, but almost to prove you wrong i followed every tip to the letter last week expecting to see a small difference but not much. We have a gents hairdressers in Manchester and have struggled for a long time to compete with some of the chains that put so much into their search promotions. After we sorted out the google maps/places listing the very next day we had our first walk in who had used his iphone (like on your picture above) to find a local barbers. Even if thats all we get from this article, i would call that a result!! But we are also now appearing on the first page for 4 different searches that we have been trying to make headway with for a long time as well so I think that this is a good guide that will really help us out.

  14. Shareen Patel says:

    I didn’t undertsnad most of what you have written here, but I got one of our more computer happy girls to read through and she has done everything you suggest, thank you

  15. Abderrahmane says:

    I am in france, would all of this still be relevant to me?

    • SEO Suffolk says:

      Sites like qype, welovelocal and touchlocal are UK specific at the moment, but I am sure there are french equivalents you can use. The Yahoo and Google listings are international though and will still work, as will the other tips above.

  16. Annabel says:


  17. Sandi Benettoni says:

    i would like a new website designed for our salon in Birmingham – could you help with this, and wouyld it be seo friendly with the design?

  18. Linda Carter says:

    our business listings on google are already claimed, but not by me and i cant figure out how to get control of them back because the opening hours are all wrong. can you help or advise on how to fix this please

    • Ipswich SEO says:

      I have dropped you an email Linda, quite an easy fix. Luckily Google have procedures in place for exactly this kind of situation – you wouldnt believe how often people delete their email account or lose access to it, so re-assigning the ownership of a place is possible if you do it the right way.

  19. Dominique holman says:

    A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back. Do you offer courses for hairdressers wanting to get their site found in local search?

  20. The Backroom Snipper says:

    Great post mate! Having some problems with the qype listing, could you help out with this please?

  21. Cynthia Lawrence says:

    Thanks for your sharing, some good things to do to help with our hair salon get rankings on google

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