An SEO Expert should never work alone

seo expertThis week we have had a number of conversations with clients already regarding their business growth and why working with us as their SEO expert is providing returns for them. In fact, we have had the same conversation so many times in the last 2 days that I decided I would write a whole article on the subject, and it is an article that is going to surprise you in some ways. We are SEO specialists, and we provide search engine optimisation services for our clients along with SEO training in Ipswich. We are NOT an SEO expert, we are specialists who deliver results. We offer social media services and we also build websites, but right from the get-go with all of our clients we stress that none of these marketing tools will ever work to their full potential in isolation. The current buzzwords in all things online are “social media” and “SEO”, and there are MANY people out there passing themselves off as an SEO expert or a social media guru or a search engine optimisation ninja or any mix you like. Some are true gems and know their business inside out, but few and far between are the ones who appreciate that your social media escapades and your online rankings are all very pointless without some understanding of your business model and an appreciation of how your tweets, status updates and search rankings translate into hard cash in the bank.

For 99% of businesses, a succesful SEO campaign will yield a return which makes them happy with what has been done. However, hiring an SEO expert and getting them to work fully within your current marketing strategy, supported by a fully engaging social media campaign and complemented by your websites content, your shop displays and your printed materials will mean that your message is stronger, your brand is more succesful and your return on investment on ALL these different methods of promoting your business is amplified to a massive degree. This is what the so called SEO expert most commonly misses.

seo expertFirstly there is the issue of people calling themselves ” SEO expert ” or “gurus” or “ninjas” or whichever other superlative they wish to call themselves. And thats the point, these are self titled acclamations, and as such carry very little weight. What carries much more impact is what are the results that they have achieved, what their clients actually say about them and whether they show a willingness to understand what your business does and how you go about doing it. These are skills which will have a much better reward for you as their client in the long run, whilst working with somebody egotistical enough to call themselves and SEO expert may give you quite a headache. This also applies to social media gurus/experts/ninjas/insert stupid superlative here – you want to know the substance of what is being offered, not the label that your new supplier has given themselves.

An SEO Expert can NEVER be the sole answer

So, the summary from all of the above is that an SEO expert (or, as we prefer to be called an SEO specialist) WILL deliver results for your business virtually every time, BUT if they are working as a core part of your business, integrated fully with whatever social activity is happening at the time (whether this is being conducted by the same organisation, by you or by a third party) and also fully up to speed with what is happening in your other marketing areas, the returns from your ” SEO Expert ” will be massively amplified. How can we be so sure? Well, here are two examples:

  • One of our clients recently attended a flagship show in London which had a very high number of the public coming across a period of days. Needless to say, the cost of exhibiting at this show was very high, especially as they had a custom built stand made and had to staff it with a large team. They made us aware of the upcoming event about 7 weeks beforehand and we set about targeting the name of the event alongside their normal keywords, and achieved some very good results which peaked at exactly the time of the show. The show itself yielded orders worth about 125% of the cost of putting the show on, so on the basis of this the client would probably not have bothered booking a spot at next years event. However, the orders generated from online sales (where the customers had entered one of the terms we had specifically highlighted) amounted to another 175% of the cost of the show, meaning that the show had paid for itself three times and become a success. This is a classic example of how offline marketing (attending the show) and their SEO expert worked hand in hand to provide a much higher return on investment and deliver profits, and is one of the ways in which your ” SEO expert ” should be working with your business.
  • A second client had an advertising campaign running on bus stops which depicted a big purple shoe and had their logo and website at the bottom. They mentioned to us that the campaign was not working very well and that they were considering cancelling it, so we asked them to keep it running for a further month whilst we did some SEO expert work on the term “purple shoe bus stop” and about 20 different combinations which would help curious members of the public to identify WHO these adverts were for. We reasoned that many people would be driving past the bus stops at relatively high speed and the branding may be missed (or cars could be parked covering the branding, or people standing at the bus stop etc etc), but the impact of the advert itself had still taken effect. The effects of this work were nothing short of staggering. In the first month of the bus stop ads, the sales of this site had risen by 5% – a rise, but a very small rise. In the second month of the bus stop campaign, when it was working alongside our targeted SEO, the sales on the website rose by 83%, and the data showed that most of the sales had been driven by searches for the phrases we had been focussing on.

The lesson of these two examples is that the general public do not work on any one channel in isolation. The easy thing to forget is that the audience you are trying to reach is a human audience, and that people go to trade shows, read magazines, have social profiles and browse the internet. They can do all of these things in any given day, and are being bombarded with information from a bewildering number of sources. Whether it is news, what someone they went to school with is doing in the garden today, reading articles, walking past advertising hoardings, looking in shops, browsing, visiting events, talking to work contacts or texting, a person living and working in 2011 is definitely NOT short of new information. Because of this, the chances of them seeing your very clever advert in the newspaper or hearing your jingle on the radio or seeing your latest tweet AND remembering the message are limited. However, they will remember an element of what they saw, and at a point later down the road when they have time, they will then try to retrace their steps mentally to act on the message they saw/read/heard. This is where your integrated approach from your SEO expert takes hold and where you get a “second bite of the apple”, and it is in this aspect that a true SEO expert will show their credentials and demonstrate how they are vital to your business growth.

SEO Expert? Are you SURE?

There are a surprisingly small number of true SEO Expert in the world, as there are a surprisingly small number of Social Media Experts. What you need to be sure of is that the people you are working with are honest, reliable and demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile to make a positive difference to your business. At Flosee we dont call ourselves SEO expert, we just do all we can to make your business succeed and let our track record speak for itself…….

Tony is the Managing Director of Flosee, and also our lead developer. He has been building, modifying and beautifying websites since 2001 and is almost always glued to a keyboard in one way or another.

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