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eCommerce is the fastest growing medium for retail and B2B sales in the world over the last decade. In the run up to Christmas 2010, there was one week where as much was spent online as was spent on the high street in the UK – this is a massive shift in consumer habits (slightly skewed by the abysmal weather conditions over the week in question which lead to more online sales than would normally occur). Small business owners in Ipswich, Suffolk, the UK and across the world find themselves able to compete on an even playing field with huge brands, driving sales and growth.

At Flosee, eCommerce is our longest standing area of expertise, and one in which we have been fortunate enough to win multiple awards. Since 2003 we have worked on over 7000 eCommerce websites and built over 650 from scratch for customers all over the world. It may surprise you to find out how easily and quickly these websites can be built for you. A professional image with a 24 hour presence and fully automated transaction handling will enable even the smallest of businesses to access customers from a much wider geographical area as well as increase brand awareness (and therefore footfall) to your traditional sales channels.

Definition of eCommerce: ecommerce, e-commerce, or electronic commerce is the conduct of a financial transactions by electronic means. With the huge success of commerce on the Internet, ecommerce usually refers to shopping at online stores on the World Wide Web, also known as ecommerce Web sites. Ecommerce can be business to business (B to B) or business to consumer (B to C).

How to Get Started with Ecommerce

A succesful eCommerce website needs the right ingredients, and we can help you cook up the perfect recipe, as well as provide authoritative advice on what works and which pitfalls to avoid. From setting up the design of your site, analysing customer activity, advising on feature integration, incorporating social media widgets, admin control settings, reporting, and your websites SEO requirements, our team can help your website become a success.

We work with open source software (click here for a definition of open source) which helps to keep the development costs down to an absolute minimum whilst providing you with real world tested, stable and well supported products. Our eCommerce solutions principally run on osCommerce and derivative software, including ZenCart, CRELoaded and TomatoCart amongst others. We are multi-award winning osCommerce specialists with a client list spanning the globe.

eCommerce solutions Ipswich

Whether you are looking for a complete eCommerce solution from the ground up, or if you already have an eCommerce website which needs some TLC, our team of experienced eCommerce developers in Ipswich can help you. Our plain speaking approach means you can be sure of a no-nonsense soltuion which will deliver results. Along with our SEO solutions we gauge our success on the measurable success we can deliver to your business, and our focus at every stage of development is always on increasing the value of your website – whether this is by improving sales, raising average orders, increasing visitor to customer conversion or minimising the time spent on admin tasks.

Please take the time to click the links on the right for the various options and software packages we work with, and feel free to contact us with any of your questions. We are always happy to help and provide advice on the best course of action for your website and for your business. Our eCommerce success is determined by you.

SEO Training

SEO training

Whether you want to undertake your own SEO, or you jus want to know more so you can keep your SEO costs down, our SEO Training in Ipswich and Norwich will put you on the road to success..

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Marketing

We have a wide variety of SEO packages to suit your budget and ambition
All of our packages are designed to make your website more visible and increase profitability for your business.

One Off SEO

One Off SEO

Perfect for seasonal businesses and for event based keywords, our one off SEO gives you a short sharp burst of Google love, timed to perfection..

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