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  1. Do your customers use search engines to look for your products or services? Yes?
  2. Does your site appear for all the possible phrases your customers may search for on search engines? No?
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Ipswich based SEO Services for business

SEOYou have found Flosee, and the chances are that you found us by first searching on Google or another search engine for a term which relates to a service we offer. The fact that you clicked OUR link shows that we both ranked well for that search, and that the text you saw displayed in Google was a good match for what you were looking for, and lead you to click through to this page. This is all “SEO” (or search engine optimisation) and this is what we do for our clients.

We work tirelessly for our clients, delivering visitors to your site that want the products or services you have to offer, and who are ready to buy. From keyword research through to ensuring your website has the right information to monitoring each and every search phrase we work on, at Flosee we are determined to make sure that the service we provide is the very best you can get from any SEO company. Accurate reporting, fully documented results and knowledgeable staff all combine to make sure that you are safe in our hands and that your business will benefit from choosing us as your search partner.

Search Engine Optimisation IpswichWe are different to most SEO companies. We think different in a good way. Our services are all built around you – from budget to planning to keyword discovery to business development to link building, everything we do is designed to move your business forward and keep you pushing ahead of your competition. If you prefer to do this yourself, this website has all the information you could need to put you on the right track, and you can be confident doing this with the knowledge that the whole Flosee team is available to help if things get too much or you hit a technical problem.
Your business needs SEOAny business owner today knows that the way their website is found, viewed and interacted with can make or break them. The days of simply building a website and that was all you needed to do are long gone. Now there is a huge amount of competition, and YOUR website needs to very quickly tell your customers who you are, what you do and how they can use your products or services. Then you need to drive customers to your site in the first place, and to many this can be like trying to herd cats. Your website should be optimised for the search engines because your customers are using them everyday to find businesses to spend money with – if you want a slice of that cash, you need to be seen.

These are exciting times online, and growth in online sales has never been bigger. At Flosee we work every day with businesses in the UK and worldwide, and we know what it takes to build an effective website, engage your customers and perform well in the search engines using SEO. This holistic approach means that we can offer a true one stop shop for your business’ web needs, and you can be sure that every service we offer is of the highest quality.

The SEO industry is rife with claims of unbeatable results, guaranteed SEO positions and false promises. We don’t subscribe to any of these practices, and will give you a plain English, honest assessment of what we are likely to achieve for you with your budget. We would rather work with you for the next ten years on the basis of honest SEO advice and earned trust. Our SEO services are award winning, sustainable and proven to deliver a solid return on investment.

Choose an SEO AgencyAll of the search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms and rolling out major updates. These are to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors, and also to provide the most relevant and accurate results to the end user. Because of these constant changes, it is vital that your SEO practices are always ethical, and that they conform to the rules the search engine companies lay down. Keeping abreast of these changes is a full time job, but luckily the team of geeks at Flosee love nothing more than finding out what the latest tweak at Google is, or what techniques are acceptable. We keep you updated via our blog, and our own SEO services are always 100% ethical and “Google friendly”.

How to Choose Your SEO Company

As SEO is still a relatively new industry, there are still unfortunately some so called SEO experts who are providing sub-standard services and tainting the whole SEO profession. To help you steer clear of these SEO cowboys, simply follow these steps:

  • SALES – how is this SEO agency promoting themselves? Is it using the techniques they are trying to sell to you? If not, steer clear unless you can see direct evidence that their own website SEO is worth using for your business.
  • PROMISES – is the SEO company offering guarantees, unbelievable promises or spectacular growth forecasts? If so, chances are they are fly-by-nights, and should be avoided. A reputable SEO agency will always tell you that search engine optimisation is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy, and be honest with you about the timings of your campaign.
  • STRATEGY – does the SEO company have a believable and checkable plan of action for your website’s search optimisation? How does this strategy fit in with the promises they have delivered?
  • LANGUAGE – is the SEO agency trying to blind you with science? Are they using plain English and explaining to you in terms you are comfortable with WHAT they will be doing, HOW they will be doing it and HOW the results will be measured?
  • TRACK RECORD – Always ask to see examples of their previous results and that they are happy for you to contact their clients to see if the promises the SEO consultancy are making are ones you can put faith in.
  • PRESSURE SALES – If the SEO company is trying to pressure you into a sale, chances are that they are worried what you might find out given time. At Flosee we believe decisions are yours to make, in the time you choose to make them.

Most importantly, a good SEO company will always be completely upfront with you. Any questions you may have should be answered honestly in plain English and not jargonised. And you should be made to feel comfortable asking any of these questions. Having given you all this advice above, we hope that you feel comfortable enough to drop us a line, and ask us to look at how the Flosee service could benefit your website and help take your SEO to the next level…..


We offer a wide range of SEO services, but we know that some people will just want a bit of help along the way to doing their own SEO. Our SEO training comes in two forms – small group training days in Ipswich, Norwich and other locations around East Anglia, or one to one sessions tailored specifically to you and your business. Both varieties offer an insight into the world of SEO from a company that does it all day, every day.

We give you the tools you need to find out how you are already performing, what your competitors are doing that works, what Google is looking for from you and then how to implement a proven SEO strategy into your day to day operations of your business. Of course, if after all of this you would like us to do it for you, then we will be happy to do so – and you will be very well informed about what we are doing, meaning you will be able to tell exactly how well we are doing it for you!

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SEO training

Whether you want to undertake your own SEO, or you jus want to know more so you can keep your SEO costs down, our SEO Training in Ipswich and Norwich will put you on the road to success..

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We have a wide variety of SEO packages to suit your budget and ambition
All of our packages are designed to make your website more visible and increase profitability for your business.

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One Off SEO

Perfect for seasonal businesses and for event based keywords, our one off SEO gives you a short sharp burst of Google love, timed to perfection..

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